Sponsorship with NAC

Opportunities exist for your business to become a corporate sponsor/partner with NAC Ent and its BROADWAY Series. These sponsorship opportunities provide your business with unparalleled access to the dynamic BROADWAY audience.Your business can utilize this partnership to create advertising and promotions built around the exciting world of BROADWAY. Sponsorships offer the ability to integrate your traditional marketing with exciting event marketing and to develop new advertising or tie in your existing media/marketing programs ensuring that your business will maximize its BROADWAY sponsorship.

A sponsorship with NAC and its Broadway Series will be designed to meet your marketing objectives. Our audience is your business and through a partnership with NAC Ent, you will be able to position your business as a leader within the community.

Get started now. Contact Tom Combs at 607-772-1391 or via e-mail tc@nacentertainment.com.


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