VIDEO: MOULIN ROUGE! Shares Inspiring Video, Stating ‘We Will Be Back’
Director Alex Timbers is sharing his hope for when theaters re-open.

Watch the video below!

From the Moulin Rouge! team: “Moulin Rouge! The Musical is, at its heart, about a group of artists who are in danger of losing their theater, the place they call home. Over the last nine months, this message has resonated with us more than ever. In this video, our director¬†Alex Timbers¬†celebrates the strength and resilience of the artists who make Moulin Rouge come alive. In other words: the strength and resilience of YOU.

As we look forward to 2021 and our return to Broadway, we want to remind the world-and ourselves-that we will be back, and we will write the ending to this story together. Please join us in celebrating the theater community by sharing this video with your friends and family.”