In honor of our upcoming show and the kindness shown by the people of Gander, we are teaming up with Marywood University students, Liz and Maddie Adams, and their campaign for kindness. Kindness Week is an initiative that was started by the sisters as a way of spreading kindness on their college campus. During the week, there are a variety of activities that encourage other students to get involved and spread kindness to those around them.

This year Broadway In Scranton is proud to team up with the Adams sisters in an effort to spread the message of Kindness Week to the greater Scranton community. Starting April 2 through April 5, Marywood University, Broadway In Scranton, and many local businesses will be participating in various activities such as Post-It Note Day, Gratitude Day, and more.

Please see below for more information on the Kindness Week schedule and how local students and businesses are celebrating!

How Marywood Students are Celebrating

How Local Businesses are Celebrating

Participating businesses include:

For hours of operation, please visit the businesses’ websites.

Please note: Not all businesses are participating in every activity. Click here to learn each business’ list of activities.

About Courageously Kind

Courageously Kind began as a podcast and grew into multimedia platform dedicated to sharing stories of people living courageous and kind lives.

Our goal is to create a space that is kind, accepting, courageous and inclusive! After sharing her story about her facial disfigurement and condition, Liz wanted to inspire others to be kind to those who look different.

Her twin sister Maddie suggested starting a podcast to encourage others to be kind, and Courageously Kind was born. Courageously Kind has over 100,000 followers who support this mission of making the world a kinder place.

Courageously Kind Podcast has been listened to in over 70 countries across the globe, but these twins are just getting started!